As a public school within the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools district (MNPS), MNPS Virtual School is an optional school and open to all Davidson County residents. Students may enroll full-time and even graduate from our school. Additionally, learners can attend on a part-time basis taking between one (1) and three (3) courses. Full-time applications are accepted in both the Fall and Spring with application materials submitted on our website. Part-time applicants’ complete enrollment information at the school of primary enrollment via their designated school counselor.

Before enrolling on a full-time basis, MNPS Virtual School strives to determine whether virtual learning best serves a student’s educational needs. Our school is modeled after the collegiate style of online learning and delivered primarily in an asynchronous format. Courses are extremely challenging - with learners working independently, advancing at their own pace, and connecting with the teacher when additional academic support is needed. To be eligible for enrollment, full-time, the student must meet the following eligibility requirements:



Full-Time Eligibility Requirements

(1) Have and maintain a 2.0 grade point average (GPA), at the high school level, each semester enrolled; have and maintain an overall “C” average, at the middle school level, each semester enrolled.

(2) Score at least “proficient” on the previous year’s state-mandated assessment, or an equivalency test, in English Language Arts.

(3) Score at least “proficient” on the previous year’s state-mandated assessment, or an equivalency test, in Mathematics.

(4) Currently attend school—as required by state law—not in violation of Tennessee’s Compulsory School Attendance Law.

(5) On-pace to graduate, with designated graduation cohort, within 4 years and a Summer session.

(6) Participate in all mandatory new student initiation and induction activities.

(7) If identified as “truant,” attend all truancy intervention labs held at MNPS Virtual School’s physical school location. 



Based on availability, non-Davidson County, Tennessee, residents may also attend MNPS Virtual School on a full-time or part-time basis. Note that full-time out-of-county applicants are required to meet all eligibility requirements. Out-of-county students enrolling on a part-time basis are required to pay per half credit taken. If you have any additional questions regarding our eligibility requirements or enrollment options, please contact us directly at (615) 463-0188 Ext. 3900.