v-parent involvement policy

Virtual School realizes that our v-parents play a critical role in the success of our v-students as well as the success of our school. Virtual School is committed to a proactive approach towards family and community engagement with our goal being to realize our school’s mission, vision, commitments, and achievement goals. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our v-Parent Involvement Policy, please contact Mr. Michael Terry, Associate Virtualization Engineer, via email to emichael.terry@mnps.org. 


1. Virtual School will strive to communicate clearly and effectively with v-parents using a variety of communication strategies. 

2. Virtual School will hold orientations, at the beginning of each semester, providing comprehensive information and a handbook detailing our policies and procedures. 

3. Virtual School will provide v-parents access to (1) v-course content, (2) an explanation of the curriculum used as well as the forms of academic assessment, and (3) the proficiency levels that v-students are expected to meet.

4. Virtual School will offer assistance to v-parents in understanding Tennessee’s academic content standards and student achievement benchmarks.

5. Virtual School will update our website as well as send out a quarterly communication, informing v-students and v-parents of school events and other important topics.

6. Virtual School will grant v-parents access to v-student v-course(s) allowing v-parents to access v-student’s grades, assignments, and v-teacher feedback.

7. Virtual School will also help v-parents to monitor student achievement through access to v-course grades as well as quarterly progress reports. 

8. Virtual School will offer four telephone v-parent conferences, each school year, to discuss the achievement of v-students, as well as collaborate on additional support needed (if applicable).

9. Virtual School will maintain an “open door” policy with v-parents accessible for telephone calls, emails, and conferences.

participation & collaberation

1. Virtual School will provide opportunities for regular meetings with v-parents to formulate suggestions and to participate, as appropriate, in decisions relating to the education of the v-student.

2. Virtual School will assist v-students in successfully transitioning from middle through high school and onto a career or college path. Virtual School will facilitate these transitions by working closely with feeder schools.

3. Virtual School will recruit and further develop community partnerships with the ongoing development of The Virtual Academy of Business and Marketing.

4. Virtual School will host a monthly student social event to create a social community of v-learners and v-parents at our school.

5. Virtual School will utilize the School Improvement Team to solicit feedback and provide all stakeholders with shared-decision for continuous school improvement. v-Parents and community members are encouraged to serve on the SIP committee. Both are an integral part of our school community and crucial to our improvement.

6. Virtual School will continue to collaborate with community groups and business partners to improve v-student achievement and career-readiness.