MNPS Virtual School has several enrollment options to meet the unique needs of our virtual learners. To learn more about the various enrollment opportunities at our school, please review the below information.

Part-Time Enrollment & Important deadlines:

Part-time enrollment options are also available to students. To enroll, current MNPS students should contact their designated school counselor at the school of primary enrollment. Counselors will share additional information on how to register as a part-time student at MNPS Virtual School. Priority registration for part-time students for the Fall of 2018 is open through Friday, July 13, 2018. Late registration, for part-time Fall 2018 enrollment, closes on Friday, August 10, 2018. Priority registration for part-time students for the Spring of 2019 is open through Friday, November 30, 2018. Late registration, for part-time Spring 2019 enrollment, closes on Friday, January 11, 2019. Registration may close, before the noted “late registration deadlines,” if seat capacity is met. For more information on part-time enrollment options, please contact Mr. Michael Terry, Dean of Instruction, via telephone at (615) 463-0188 ext. 3901 or via email to emichael.terry@mnps.org.

Full-Time Enrollment & important deadlines:

MNPS Virtual School offers full-time enrollment opportunities for students in grades six (6) through twelve (12) who meet all full-time eligibility requirements. Out-of-County students, if meeting those requirements, may also apply for enrollment. For out-of-county students, full-time enrollment depends upon space availability. To begin the application process, please visit the “full-time enrollment form” under the "enroll" tab.

The full-time application remains available on MNPS Virtual School’s website throughout the school year. However, MNPS Virtual School only accepts students at the beginning of each new semester. Application deadlines exist for both Fall and Spring enrollment. To be considered for the Fall of 2018, the applicant must apply by Friday, July 13, 2018. To be considered for the Spring of 2019, the applicant must apply by Friday, November 30, 2018. MNPS Virtual School does not accept applications after the noted deadlines. Late applications will be considered for the next open enrollment period — if all current and appropriate documents are received. Questions regarding full-time enrollment can be directed to Mrs. Adrienne McNew, Dean of Student Affairs, via telephone at (615) 463-0188 ext. 3920 or via email to adrienne.mcnew@mnps.org.

Enrollment Options for Exceptional Education Students:

MNPS Virtual School is committed to providing services to exceptional education students.  Due to the uniqueness of the virtual learning environment, it is critical that all learners with exceptionalities start the school year with the necessary supports. If a student needing supports is accepted, an IEP meeting will be conducted — at the beginning of the school year — for the team to collaborate on how best to serve the student. To learn more about exceptional education enrollment options at MNPS Virtual School, please contact Mr. Zachary Barnes, Virtualization Engineer for Exceptional Education, via email to zachary.barnes@mnps.org or via telephone at (615) 463-0188 Ext. 3963.