MNPS Virtual School has several enrollment options to meet the unique needs of our virtual learners. To learn more about the various enrollment opportunities at our school, please review the below information. 

Part-Time Enrollment Options:

Part-time enrollment options are also available to v-students. To enroll,current MNPS v-students must contact their designated school counselor at their school of primary enrollment. Counselors will register students for part-time enrollment at MNPS Virtual School. Students should be aware that a mandatory Student Orientation MUST be completed prior to officially enrolling in the virtual course. If taking a v-course above and beyond a full schedule, additional tuition fees apply. Out-of-County students may also enroll part-time, on a first-come, first-served basis and upon paying for each half credit taken. For information on how to enroll as a part-time out-of-county v-student, please contact Mrs. Sherry Hill, v-Enrollment Support Specialist, via phone at (615) 463-0188 ext. 3920 or via email to sherry.hill@mnps.org.

Full-Time Enrollment Option:

MNPS Virtual School offers full-time enrollment opportunities for students in grades six (6) through twelve (12) who meet full-time eligibility requirements.Out-of-County students, if meeting all eligibility requirements and based upon availability, may also enroll. To begin the enrollment process, complete the full-time application found on our website. General questions regarding full-time enrollment may be directed to Mrs. Adrienne McNew, v-Dean of Student Affairs, via phone at (615) 463-0188 ext. 3983 or via email to adrienne.mcnew@mnps.org.

Open Enrollment Period for Out-of-County, Full-Time v-Students:

Out-of-County students may apply for full-time enrollment at MNPS Virtual School during the open enrollment period.  The open enrollment period for out-of-county students closes, for the 2017-2018 school year, on Friday, July 14, 2017. After that deadline, families must obtain written approval/permission from the student’s zoned district. Permission must come directly from the Director of Schools’ office. Please note that out-of-county families are also responsible for travel costs associated with commuting to our physical building location for orientation(s), testing purposes, and all other required synchronistic activities. Families should consider travel limitations before enrolling.

Enrollment Options for Exceptional Education v-Students:

MNPS Virtual School is committed to providing services to exceptional education v-learners. Due to the uniqueness of the virtual learning environment, it is critical to determine whether MNPS Virtual School is the most appropriate learning environment for the v-student. This determination must be made for full-time and part-time students prior to enrolling at our school. To learn more about enrollment options at MNPS Virtual School please contact Mr. Zack Barnes, Virtualization Engineer for Exceptional Education, via email to zachary.barnes@mnps.org or via telephone at (615) 463-0188 (ext. 3963).