I am a professional educator with a passion for guiding students to pursue their passion.

I teach because I want to prepare the youth of today to become competent, caring, and professional lifelong learners who are prepared to enter the “real-world” and reach their full potentials.   

I studied Business Administration, Economics, and Finance at Middle Tennessee State University.  I also studied Educational Administration at Tennessee State University.   

My Promises to You, My Students:

I promise to maintain high expectations for you.

I promise to create a welcoming and compassionate environment.

I promise to advocate for your best interest.

I promise to stretch your thinking and understanding.

I promise to encourage and support you.

I promise to give you specific and actionable feedback that will promote your growth.

I promise to focus on your growth and learning.

I promise to maintain a professional learning environment.

I promise to provide open and engaging communication.

I promise to hold you accountable.