I am a positive person who believes in the inherent worth and dignity of every single human. I believe that life is what you make of it.  Make every word and action transform the world into a positive place to be.

I teach because I believe that every student needs a teacher who can relate to him or her at a human level.  I teach the total student and seek to make his or her educational experience meaningful.

I studied Sociology and Psychology because I want to work towards a peaceful world where our differences don’t divide us, but instead, unite us.  I actively work to rid the world of hate by teaching tolerance and understanding.

My Promises to You, My Students:

I promise to grade your assignments in a timely manner.

I promise to make my announcements in a timely manner.

I promise to be available and ready for your DBA.

I promise to provide consistent and applicable feedback to ensure success in the course.

I promise to make the learning process as intuitive as possible.

I promise to see you as a whole person, not just a student in my class.

I promise to be available through text or email when you have an issue or problem.

I promise to make DBA’s as painless as possible but still allow for accountability.

I promise to provide other resources when the course does not provide you with what you need.