I am a lifelong learner, reader, traveler, quilter, wife,  grandmother, mother, and a v-teacher @MNPSVS. I value all of my roles. Combined, they make me who I am.

I teach because I enjoy working with students and sharing information with them.  I am fortunate to work in a learning community such as MNPS Virtual School.

I studied Spanish and Physical Education in college and knew as a child that I wanted to become a teacher. I love taking classes, both formally and informally, and enjoy sharing what I have learned with others.

My Promises to You, My Students:

I promise to be caring and responsive to your needs.

I promise to grade assignments quickly so that you can move forward in your class.

I promise to provide feedback that will deepen your understanding of the topic studied.

I promise to return calls promptly so that you will have the answers to your questions.

I promise to have a positive attitude.

I promise to be available for tutoring at MNPS Virtual School.

I promise to be available via phone, text, or email during my office hours.

I promise to prepare my classes on-time so that you can being your learning, smoothly, at the start of each semester.

I promise to be well prepared so that I can provide a timely response to your questions.