I am a creative, compassionate, and results-oriented person.

I teach because I believe educating our students should be more than just lectures, skill-drill worksheets, and take-home assignments that are boring and overused. Instead, it should be a delicate act of helping students become critical thinkers and effective problem solvers, so that they will not only be competitive in school but also in life.

I studied the history of English language, religious and philosophical studies, liberal studies, as well as curriculum and instruction.

My Promises to You, My Students:

I promise to provide timely and accurate feedback.

I promise to communicate my expectations for the course clearly.

I promise to grade student work in a timely fashion.

I promise to be open and honest with all students.

I promise to be understanding.

I promise to be patient.

I promise to treat all students fairly.

I promise to be readily available.

I promise to make sure every student has a chance to succeed.

I promise to hold every student accountable.