DBA Essentials: Preparing for your first DBA!

Blog Contributor: Mrs. Nikki Healy

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE. If you are a new MNPS Virtual School student and haven’t completed your first DBA, you might be wondering exactly what a DBA entails. You might even be experiencing anxiety about completing your first DBA. DBAs are not meant to be stressful, so don’t stress. DBAs are meant to support you and your learning. Review the following essential tips before completing and submitting your DBA:     

Essential Tip #1: What is a DBA?

Remember, a DBA is nothing more than a short conversation (10-minutes or less) between you and your teacher regarding what you’ve just learned.

Essential Tip #2: When do I need to complete a DBA?

Before you can take the DBA, you must complete all assignments within the module with, at a minimum, a seventy percent (70%) or greater on each.

Essential Tip #3: How do I schedule a DBA appointment?

Once you’ve achieved a 70% or higher on all assignments, it is time to make an appointment with your teacher. This can be done in five simple steps.

  • Step #1: Open Your Virtual Course 

  • Step #2: Click “Materials”

  • Step #3: Click “My Teacher”

  • Step #4: Click “Schedule an Appointment” 

  • Step #5: Select a Date and Time that Works Best for You

It is your responsibility to schedule the DBA as well as call your teacher at the scheduled time!

Essential Tip #4: How do I prepare for a DBA?

To prepare for your DBA, review all “I can” statements and your notes from the module. To ensure you’re 100% prepared, reflect on the following questions before your scheduled DBA call:

  • Question #1: What are three things that you learned in the module?

  • Question #2: What are two things in the module that are important and why?

  • Question #3: What is one question that you still have regarding the module?

Essential Tip #5: How do I submit the DBA for a grade?

After you complete the DBA, don’t forget to “submit” the DBA assignment in the “My Assignments” folder. Remember, you will not receive a grade for your DBA until you submit this assignment!

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