VS Student Ashlynn Tipler Explains It All

Blog Contributor: Mrs. Nikki Healy

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE. In this week’s blog post, Mrs. Nikki Healy sits down for a “Q” and “A” with 6th grade student, Ashlynn Tipler. Learn more about why she attends MNPS Virtual School. More, Tipler shares some tips for new students. 

Mrs. Nikki Healy (Q): Why does MNPS Virtual School work for you (instead of, for instance, your zone school)?

Ashlynn Tipler (A): MNPS Virtual School works for me because I have the time to get my work done and I don't have to worry about bullying. It is also really flexible.

Mrs. Nikki Healy (Q): What has been your favorite MNPS Virtual School course and why?

Ashlynn Tipler (A): My favorite course at MNPS Virtual School is English Language Arts because my teacher, Mrs. Nikki Healy, is really good. Mrs. Healy gives me great advice when I don't do well on my work.

Mrs. Nikki Healy (Q): What three pieces of advice would you give a new MNPS Virtual School student?

Ashlynn Tipler (A): 

  1. Don’t get behind on your school work; it takes a really long time to get caught up!

  2. MNPS Virtual School can be challenging, but never give up.

  3. Stay focused and get your work done.

ABOUT MNPS VIRTUAL SCHOOL. MNPS Virtual School is Tennessee’s first, highest-achieving virtual school. MNPS Virtual School combines rigorous academics with a variety of educational programs, learning experiences, instructional approaches, and academic-support strategies addressing the unique needs, interests, aspirations, and backgrounds of our diverse population of students—creating an extraordinary online learning experience.