Virtual School - Academy of Business and Marketing

Since 2006, in partnership with civic and business engagement, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) has been reinventing high schools into smaller learning communities, collectively known as The Academies of Nashville. In 2013, MNPS Virtual School launched The Virtual Academy of Business & Marketing. Full-time v-students enroll in the Academy and complete a focused area of study in either business or marketing. The Virtual Academy of Business & Marketing enables students to learn through the lens of a career or academic theme in a highly personalized, supportive, virtual learning community. During the Academy experience, students are exposed to a multitude of career opportunities, industry skills, and potential employers by way of guest speakers, site visits, job shadowing, and internships. While the Academy’s course offerings are designed for our full-timers, part-timers may enroll on a first-come, first-served basis and contingent upon availability. 

Virtual Academy Mission:

Supporting a successful transition to college, career, and community by developing business and marketing executives through unique, experiential, world-class online learning options. 

Virtual Academy Pathways:

Students in the business pathway take Introduction Business & Marketing, Accounting I, and Virtual Enterprise International.Students in the marketing pathway take Introduction Business & Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Virtual Enterprise International.


If you wish to learn more about partnering with our Academy, or if you have any questions regarding The Virtual Academy of Business & Marketing, please contact Mr. Max Kuhlman, Assistant Virtualization Engineer, via phone at (615) 200-8733 or via email to