About Dr. Edwards:

Mrs. Edwards is an Indiana native who attended Indiana University for her Bachelor’s in Arts and Humanities. She remained at Indiana University earning her Master of Education degree, as well as her certificate in Online Teaching. She earned her Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) Degree, in May of 2018, Northeastern University.

A virtual learner herself since 1999, Mrs. Edwards has long been aware of the affordances of technology for learning. She is passionate about discovering new ways to harness technology for the education of both young people and adults in multiple contexts. She considers herself a scholar-practitioner, grounding her work in theory and research, just as her research is driven by the need to find solutions to existing problems of practice.

Mrs. Edwards is also a long-time MNPS Virtual School parent, with two sons who currently attend. She enjoys reading, playing video games, watching movies with her husband and sons, and taking care of their three dogs and four cats.

My Promises to You, My Students:

I promise to design and deliver information that is meaningful and engaging.

I promise to promote active learning to address different learning needs and cultivate a sense of community.

I promise to make myself available for questions, discussions and feedback.

I promise to empower learners to be the protagonists of their own learning.

I promise to meet you where you are in order to facilitate your success.

I promise to get to know you as a person.

I promise to be on your team throughout the semester.

I promise to expect high-quality work from you because I believe that you are capable.

I promise to be an advocator for your needs, learning style, and personal goals.

I promise to communicate with you as often and as much as you need to be successful.