Why Enroll?

Time Commitment:

v-Students should expect to work approximately five (5) to eight (8) hours per week per v-course in order to remain on-pace and earn credit. Advanced Placement (AP) v-courses and Dual Enrollment v-courses have an even greater time commitment. Students and families should seriously consider the time commitment before enrolling.

Is Virtual Learning Right for You?

A student should consider whether he or she possess the attributes needed to be successful in a virtual learning environment. Essential v-learner characteristics include superior communication skills, self-motivation, self-discipline as well as general ownership over learning. Before enrolling please consider whether or not you have the qualities needed to thrive in this type of learning environment.

Tuition & Payment Options:

MNPS students may elect to take another v-course above and beyond the full course schedule. If so, v-students and families are required to pay $199.00 per half credit taken. Students that are Davidson County residents but attend a non-MNPS school may also enroll on a part-time basis and take a v-course for $199.00 per half credit. Out-of-county students may elect to enroll on a part-time basis but are required to pay $399.00 per half credit taken. Full-Time out-of-county students are also required to pay an annual tuition fee of $199.00 to reserve a full-time seat at MNPS Virtual School. All registration fees may be paid online by clicking HERE. Onsite payments (check, cash, or money order) are also taken at Virtual School located at 4805 Park Avenue, Suite 300, Nashville, Tennessee 37209. Please note that all registration payments are nonrefundable no exceptions.

Planning to Transfer the Credit?

All virtual credits obtained at MNPS Virtual School transfer to any MNPS high school for graduation purposes. If planning to transfer outside of MNPS, please contact the district/school in question to ensure that v-course(s) are accepted upon transfer. As an AdvancED accredited school most v-courses transfer without issue.


If you have any other questions regarding MNPS Virtual School please contact us directly at (615) 463-0188 Ext. 3900. We hope you choose to join the MNPS Virtual School family!